Trust of the Year 2010

The New Zealand Trustees Association awarded Maungarei Community Christian Trust the 2010 Trust of the Year

Serving the Future Our vision

We have a big vision. It is a vision born of a desire to see the community of Mt Wellington as a place where no-one is alienated, a place that is safe for all people, a community that accepts and protects all those in it, and a community that faces issues that cause disharmony, disunity and dysfunction head-on. 

We can only do this by serving the people of the community as they allow us and as we are able. Some of the things we would like to do in the future (and in no particular order) are: 

More Community Workers.  It is our desire to have 2 Community Youth Workers/counsellors in each school in our area as servants to the school. 

Community & Recreation Centre. Mt Wellington suffers from a lack of public meeting space. Our vision is for a purpose built Community Centre that has plenty of space for small and large gatherings, meeting rooms, a gym, a coffee shop and space for other community organisations such as Plunket. 

Advocacy. We envisage having a group of advocates (trained lay people) available to go with and support people when they have to deal with Government agencies. (WINZ, IRD, Courts, etc.) 

Legal Advice. We would like to have a Lawyer available regularly at the centre for legal advice to those who need it. 

Health care. In conjunction with the local Doctors we would also like to offer free Medical care to those most in need. Our involvement would be in providing a venue for visiting health teams, promotion of health campaigns and running programmes ourselves in conjunction with the relevant health authorities. 

Community Homes. Another long term goal of the trust is to provide homes offering quality, holistic and dignified care for the intellectually and physically disabled. 

Community clean-up. The Trust is vitally interested in the community of Mt Wellington. We would like to be involved in the care of the environment of the area. This would include graffiti removal (some of which we are) doing already), dumped car removal and the clean up of rubbish and litter. 

Extended Counselling. We would like to be able to offer counselling full-time for the community; especially in the areas of family counselling, parenting, abuse, divorce recovery and other relationship issues. 

Maungarei Community Christian Trust